Our Programs

Two-Year-Old Program (T/Th or W/F from 9:15-10:45 or W/F from 11:15-12:45 )

Play is the work of children, and in our 2’s classes the focus is on learning through free play.  They are able to explore the classroom and discover creative learning choices that help develop and grow their attention span, train fine and gross motor skills, practice matching and ordering skills, and work with different colors, textures, shapes and sizes.  As they move from parallel play to group play, they learn to share, take turns, and use their developing language skills to communicate with their classmates and teachers.  We make learning fun through stories, songs and fun activities.

Three-Year-Old Program (T/Th from 9-11:30 or 12:30-3)

Church Mouse Nursery School | Ballston Spa | Preschool

Three-year-olds socialize with children their age and learn social skills in a group setting. Throughout the day, they are learning to be a student, learning to get along with classmates, learning to share, and asserting their independence outside the home. Children choose what they would like to do during “free play”. Play is very important to a child, as play is their “work”. Cognitive, social, and language development takes place during playtime. Reading readiness skills are developed through storytelling, songs, and discussion. We celebrate holidays and spend much time learning songs and playing games as children learn to adjust to the school setting.

Four-Year-Old Program

(M/W/F  from 9-11:30 or 12:30-3)

Four-year-olds also socialize and celebrate holidays and seasons, however, more emphasis is spent learning to sit quietly, learning to listen and follow instructions. Science and math activities are introduced and field trips are added to the program. Letters of the alphabet and their sounds are presented and there are writing preparation activities. Children work on writing their names and learning their address and phone number, as well as other kindergarten readiness activities. Kindergarten preparedness is the focus. We believe both the three and four-year-old program are appropriate blends of freedom to choose and structure. The two programs together compliment each other and provide excellent social and academic preparation for kindergarten.

Pre-K Program (M-F from 9-11:30 or 12:30-3)

Our Pre-K class is designed for four-year-old and five-year-olds who could benefit from a 5-day-a-week program. It is our firm belief that all young children learn best when given age-appropriate tasks in a relaxed, socially oriented setting. The overall program has an academic emphasis. More time can be given to letters and their sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, and other necessary skills, through games and activities designed to teach and reinforce. Independence, responsibility, and respect are stressed. Art consists of both individual and group activities.

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