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Michelle DuganOur daughter attended the Pre-K program at The Church Mouse. We have been extremely happy with the teachers, staff and curriculum. She has learned the key fundamentals that she will need for kindergarten, both educationally and socially. Upon taking her to Kindergarten Screening in the Ballston Spa School District, she scored very well on her test.  The Kindergarten teachers I met with mentioned how they feel the children that attend The Church Mouse are better prepared than most.

As a parent, this was pleasing to hear and reconfirmed that we made the right decision when deciding on a preschool. The Church Mouse is a wonderful school that dedicates itself to providing the best educational experience for younger children.  I was thrilled to join the staff at The Church Mouse after my daughter started Kindergarten.

– Michele Duggan


The Church Mouse is a place we feel blessed to send our children because of their evident love for God and their students. My daughters have enjoyed so many wonderful experiences including fun field trips, wonderful crafts, creative God-centered teaching and the most adorable Christmas program ever! Nothing warms our hearts more than our children excited to attend school and even more excited to share all they learned and experienced there. We are thankful our decision is easy when our young son is ready for preschool!

~Maryanna Lilly

We looked at several other local preschool options before deciding on the Church Mouse and I know we made the right decision.  My son Robby is thriving at the Church Mouse and we could not be happier with the teachers and the program.  It is one of the most affordable options in this area and such a fantastic program.  The staff truly cares about each and every child.  I love that he’s also learning about God in a friendly and positive way.  He’s excited about what he’s learning and loves school.  Thanks Church Mouse!

~Colleen Pierre, www.SaratogaMama.com


My children have been lucky to attend Church Mouse Nursery School, just as their father did many years ago. Church Mouse provides a great educational foundation, often as a child’s first school experience. My children have learned confidence, socialization and faith along with a strong educational curriculum providing readiness for Kindergarten. The teachers and staff are wonderful and caring. I strongly recommend the Church Mouse Nursery School to any family in the Ballston Spa area.

~Beth McPhee

I attended the Church Mouse when I was little and I now have the pleasure of sending my daughter there and we couldn’t be happier with the school. My daughter is excited each and every morning to go to school and she loves to tell me all about it when she comes home. She has become so much more independent and mature since attending the Church Mouse. They treat you like family and they truly care about each and every child. They create such a positive and fun environment for the children to learn in. Every teacher is amazing and you can tell they truly love what they do. The school does a wonderful job of preparing the kids for Kindergarten. We couldn’t be happier with the Church Mouse and would recommend it to anyone looking for a preschool!

~Lucas Salazar

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